Sep 19

It’s all kicking off again around the Middle East at the moment, apparently all because of a movie that is deemed to be insulting. Whether this is the case or not is irrelevant for this topic, suffice to say it is equally often just used as a handy excuse. The media coverage and political outrage is significant. There are certainly some similarities with the London Riots of August 2011. Perhaps there is nothing else to report. Or is it because reporting violence sells news and thus, is good for advertisements. In any case, both strike me as sensation seeking.  A lot of media attention which only puts fuel to the fire. It makes me wonder what would happen if the global media en masse decided to stop reporting on any attacks, suicide bombings, rioting etc. If those that are behind it, whom are most certainly not the same as the ones risking their own lives as much as that of others, would not receive the attention they so seem to crave would they stop? Would the whole thing just lose its attraction? I’m not sure but it seems to me that it might be worth a try.

One thing I do know. I’m by no means saying it’s all a walk in the park, but it’s never as bad as what is reported in the news.

Dr Natalie Schoon, CFA

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